Interesting Local Businesses

As a keen observer of businesses, as well as an adviser/consultant, I appreciate good ideas well delivered.  I've worked with hundreds of people to help them evaluate their businesses, and observed a whole host more, so it would be impossible to list all the ones I have been impressed by. However, there are some that I feel a particular affinity with, for one reason or another, and wanted to flag up here.
I've known this pet services business since Gavin was just starting up - I was delighted to be his second customer and can vouch for the fact that they offer a high standard of care for dogs - even ones like our Alfie who might be considered to have Special Needs. It's a great example of what someone can do when they are determined to make a complete career change.
The range of pet foods here has been developed especially to suit animals with particular dietary needs. As a spin-off from Walking the Dog, Gavin did a huge amount of research before developing these recipes in collaboration with one of the biggest manufacturers of high quality feeds. I'm pleased to say that my Alfie, who has problematic guts, has a starring role as a model on one of the packages.
As a fan of real ale, I was delighted to work with Bill when he was planning this venture. It's another great example of someone making a complete career change and doing it brilliantly. The preparation was meticulous and the execution masterly. My favourite brew of theirs is Jack the Devil, but the Shuggy Boat Blonde, Rocket Brigade IPA and Watch House Winter Warmer deserve honourable mentions. Every pint sold also raises money for the RNLI.
The ales have names with links to Cullercoats. I haven't managed to find the Polly Donkin Oatmeal Stout in a pub yet, but look forward to trying it when I do.
Trying to get rid of vibrations and noise from industrial equipment? Or maybe you're a keen audiophile?  Then you might need something from Sound Damped Steel. Their products can kill significant amounts of vibration in all sorts of situations, such as production lines, generator housings and record turntables. Les has a very fine product that he is passionate about and which is well received by his customers.
Having trained as an archaeologist myself, I appreciate our history and heritage, so was delighted to work with Marc as he developed ways to make a business from his interests (and an incredible portfolio of educational videos he'd developed). He now mixes heritage education with helping others to promote their projects and services.