The name Context Sensitive comes from our belief that, in business as in life, pretty much everything has to be looked at within its own surroundings. 

The Principal Consultant, Andrew Maville, originally trained as an archaeologist before moving into the business world.  For archaeologists, context is all-important. 

Our Logo represents the importance of context for understanding.  It is based on a drawing of an object in an old book about archaeological finds. That context already gives some clues as to what the item might be (it's less likely to be a mal-formed doughnut). However, without some idea of its dimensions or what it is made of, you're still not getting the full picture. It could be a bead, a weight, part of a weapon or even a large stone with a hole big enough for people to get through. And where was it found? By the sea, it could be a weight for a fishing net, inland it could be a weight from a weaving loom. The more sensitive you are to the context, the greater your understanding of what you are looking at.

Considering a business within its relevant contexts is a fundamental management skill, but is very hard to do in a small business. There are so many other calls on your time and there's not much thinking space. That's where Context Sensitive comes in. A Context Sensitive consultant can be brought in for a very specific purpose (let's say, for example, to look at whether everyday business tasks can be computerised), but they will also take the time to listen to what you say about how the business as a whole works, where it's heading, what issues it is facing and, not least, what the owner(s) of the business would like to achieve for themselves.  That way, all activities and feedback will be specific to that particular business and to the people those business decisions directly affect.   

It's a bit like the PESTLE Analysis approach to reviewing corporate strategy (which considers the Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental factors that affect the markets within which a business operates), but looking at other more personal and internal influences too. 

We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to sub-contracting on major national work, and everything in between.

To discuss how our services might help within the context of your business, please contact us.